Democratizing data-driven gene therapy, together.

Divergene’s mission is to build the future of AI-assisted gene therapy and editing. We are integrating multimodal data, unlocking the existing data silos, and developing machine learning models to produce actionable insights that could eventually support gene therapy professionals to improve patient outcomes.

Retain ownership of your data

Divergene’s platform provides a safe, secure, and instantly accessible environment to standardize, compute, and analyze NGS data, generating insights from complex sequencing data sets that have the potential to improve gene therapy and editing. We give organizations the ability to quickly and thoroughly analyze their data. Our customers perform sequencing on their own samples, retain custody of both their samples and data, and use the Divergene’s platform to analyze data and gain actionable insights. Our intention is to establish a technology company that would greatly enhance patient outcome.

Our vision

Divergene believes that molecular biology, data science, and computer science nexus is where the most fascinating developments are happening. With the ultimate objective of allowing breakthrough therapy and enhancing human health. Divergene is actively working to create the technologies necessary to make this vision a reality. At Divergene, we’ve worked hard to foster a strong entrepreneurial spirit, inspiring each individual to make a difference. Our company DNA is the secret to our success and a promise of hope for millions of people since it is based on quality, accuracy, and resilience.


Facts about Divergene
99 %
Positive feedback from customers and partners
< 60 days
To build, test and deploy new NGS analysis pipeline
> 8 x
More affordable than hiring an in-house team
> 10 x
Better customer service and response rate