Democratizing data-driven cell & gene therapy and bioprocessing, together.

At Divergene, our mission revolves around shaping the future of AI-assisted cell & gene therapy, genome editing and bioprocessing. We’re dedicated to integrating multimodal data, breaking down existing data silos, and crafting advanced machine learning models. These efforts aim to provide actionable insights, ultimately empowering cell & gene therapy and bioprocessing professionals to enhance outcomes.

Retain ownership of your data

Divergene’s platform offers a secure and readily accessible environment for the standardization, computation, and analysis of multimodal data. This empowers the extraction of valuable insights from intricate sequencing datasets, to AI enabled digital twin model for bioprocessing. We provide organizations with swift and comprehensive data analysis capabilities, enabling them to retain ownership of their samples and data, and leverage Divergene’s platform to derive actionable insights.

Our mission is to establish a pioneering technology company that significantly enhances outcomes through advanced data analytics and generative AI assisted in silico.

Our vision

At Divergene, we recognize that the convergence of molecular biology, data science, AI and computer science is the epicenter of groundbreaking advancements. Our paramount goal is to facilitate breakthrough therapies and elevate human well-being. We are actively dedicated to developing the requisite technologies to bring this vision to fruition.

Within the fabric of Divergene, we’ve cultivated a robust entrepreneurial ethos, igniting a passion within every team member to drive meaningful change. Our corporate DNA, built upon the pillars of quality, precision, and resilience, is the cornerstone of our success and a beacon of hope for millions, promising a brighter future.


Facts about Divergene
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Positive feedback from customers and partners
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To build, test and deploy new AI model and analysis pipeline
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